Ribbon Paws, Tie Tack - White Bronze


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DPJ-7030 TieTack
10.00 Grams
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Product Description

Ribbon Paws Tie Tack is medium sized featuring a substantial, chunky rosette ribbon with paw prints on both the left and right streamers. The middle ribbon is smooth, shiny and good sized so you can personalize your Ribbon Paws jewelry for even greater meaning! The two streaming side ribbons are oxidized creating an eye catching contrast to the shiny, smooth center ribbon. 

Size 7/8" tall X 1/2" wide
White Bronze

Hand-manufactured in the USA

Bronze dog jewelry is copyrighted by Dazzling Paws Jewelry LLC.Any recreations of these designs will be prosecuted by law..


About Dazzling Paws Jewelry:

Dazzling Paws Jewelry is based in Plower, Wisconsin, USA. The company caters to pet owners that love their dog and understand the extraordinary bond of a human-canine relationship. Specializing in Dog Breed designs, Dazzling Paws Jewelry currently manufactures beautiful pieces showcasing more than 120 distinctive breeds adding new designs every year. Many of the beautiful pendants featuring a surprise element which illustrates the purpose of the breed.

Dazzling Paws Jewelry is hand-made using 100% recycled sterling silver. Every item is unique and copyright protected.  Prices reflect the level of detail in design and manufacturing as well as material cost. 

Dazzling Paws Jewelry is committed to high quality products, sustainable production and excellent customer care. The business also donates part of their income to  non-profit companion animal related organization fundraisers and causes dedicated to the research of Breast Cancer and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).