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Meet the team



This is Prettytatz

Prettytatz is "The Boss"; means she runs Animales online.
Between her regular snooze sessions, like all normal cats she rests about 15 hours per day, she manages everything from sourcing new products, calculating prices, managing the web shop, unpacking new items, coordinating with suppliers, designers and our warehouse.

She also goes on regular trips to trade fairs around the world to find new products. 
She can be quite bossy and is a perfectionist..... in the end most bosses are like this, aren't they... but she also has a big heart and wants to make everybody feel good and have fun. 

After all, life is not just about work, isn't it? 


This is Paolo

Paolo is Prettytatz's best friend and partner. After a hard early life on the streets of Majorca in Spain he was rescued and adopted. That's when he met Prettytatz and joined the Animales online team.  He is such a friendly dog, always wanting to love and be loved.  That's why we chose him to be in Charge of Customer Care. 
Paolo will always try to help you, no matter how challenging that may be.  He is usually pretty patient and it takes a lot to make him angry.  So he is the perfect choice for this job, isn't he? 

If you have any questions or anything didn't work out the way you planned, just contact Paolo and he will sort it out. 



Meet Conrad

Conrad joined us last year and has been in charge of all the lovely Kids stuff that we sell.  Yes, he is a (not fully) black sheep but we love him anyway. He is such a cheerful boy and always up to some fun new ideas.

So, if you like all the beautiful lights, mobiles, plush toys books and more, say thank you to Conrad for finding all these goodies for us.


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