This is Prettytatz

Prettytatz is "The Boss"; means she runs Animales online.
Between her regular snooze sessions, like all normal cats she rests about 15 hours per day, she manages everything from sourcing new products, calculating prices, managing the web shop, unpacking new items, coordinating with suppliers, designers and our warehouse.

She also goes on regular trips to trade fairs around the world to find new products. 
She can be quite bossy and is a perfectionist..... in the end most bosses are like this, aren't they... but she also has a big heart and wants to make everybody feel good and have fun. 

After all, life is not just about work, isn't it? 



This is Paolo

Paolo is Prettytatz' right paw, so to speak....

His only job is it to make everybody happy. He is in charge of Customer Care, which means he is on the job 24/7. 
Of course he needs his regular breaks to go on a walk, have some nice tucker or just lounge in the sun. He also tests all our great dog collars and toys to make sure they fit and are fun to use.  He can do all of this and still help everybody. He had a tough life as a street dog before he joined Animales online.  Now he wants to make sure that all our customers love our goodies and enjoy unpacking our parcels.

So if anything is not how you expected...just contact Paolo and he will sort it out for you..


Meet Kooks

Kooks is in charge of Communications. No surprise here, is there?
Kookaburras know how to tweet people up and this is what Kooks does all day long.  He is our Social Media guru and also responsible for marketing of all our special deals. He helps Prettytatz with all the newsletters and makes sure that we keep all our followers on Instagram and Facebook informed.  We sometimes try to get him out of the office to visit his birdy friends... just for some peace and never lasts very long... But he is doing a good job, so we have a large supply of earplugs...



This is our friend Grabit

We do not really know, what he does. Most of the time he is hiding in his hole in the Northern Territory. He has the unfortunate habit of collecting everything he can find. Of course all that stuff does not fit in his home and sometimes he can hardly move. 
When Prettytatz and Paolo come back from a visit they bring some of his collection to sell it in the store.  
That means the we have a  Second Hand corner, that we call "Grabit's stash".  He does look after his things and all the goodies in his stash are in pretty good shape....
We like him very much but do not really want to share his hole with him.  We are sure you understand....