Echidna plush toy - Harry - 25 cm

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Echidna plush toy, stuffed animal, Size 25 cm/10″

Harry is a large exquisitely soft and realistic soft plush toy echidna. You can give this echidna cuddles, not like the real spiny one. This handcrafted echidna is soft and measures 25cm/10″ in length, 22cm/8.5″ in width including the feet and 12 cm/4.75″ in height. The spiny anteater, also known as short-beaked echidna, is a native Australian animal. Echidnas are the only egg-laying mammal other than the platypus.  Their snouts are rigid and strong, allowing them to break open logs and termite mounds. Echidnas eat ants and other insects with their sticky, saliva-covered tongue, which can be 17cm long.

  • This native Australian creature makes an excellent souvenir gift for the international traveller
  • Great educational toy to teach children while having fun
  • Soft and cute making it the perfect child friendly toy
  • Made using highest quality acrylic fur
  • Machine washable using chemical/soap free cleaning agent
  • Suitable for ages 3+


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