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Design with a smile

Design with a smile

Prettytatz on 23rd May 2018

Dear Animal lovers,we have just unpacked the new Mila delivery from Germany and we love the products so much, that we have to keep at least one of each for ourselves.  It won't take long until we … read more

We love to help others, do you?

Prettytatz on 30th Apr 2018

A few months ago a young girl approached us and asked if we would donate a couple of our products for a Trivia night she was going to organise.  Digging deeper we found out, that there was more t … read more

Meet the Easter bunnies

Prettytatz on 25th Mar 2018

Hello dear Animal lovers,  I will be travelling overseas to Germany for a couple of days to bring back some lovely new collars for dogs and  cats. Paolo will look after you, while I am … read more

New products forecast

Prettytatz on 26th Feb 2018

Hello all,  sorry for being absent for so long but Paolo and I were really busy with organising all our activities for 2018. We have decided to participate at a couple of consumer events so that … read more

MILA is here!

Prettytatz on 6th Dec 2017

Mila - design with a smile..... yes, every time I am looking at one of my favourite Mila mugs I get that warm and fuzzy feeling. And I have so many of them...with cats and dogs and birds and bees and … read more